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Why Should We Book Our Beach Portrait Session Early in Our Stay?

We book early for two reasons. First, it will help you avoid sunburns and secondly, in case of bad weather, we would have plenty of time to reschedule.

Where Do We Go For Our Family Portrait Session?

Meet us at The Sea Pines Beach Club (click here for directions). Take the beach path through the outdoor restaurant and once your toes hit the sand, turn left. About 75 yards out you will spot your Memory Lane Portrait photographer in an orange shirt. Be sure to arrive 10 minutes before your appointed time.

What is The Sea Pines Beach Club?

This is the public access beach for those who stay in Sea Pines. This location offers good parking, a restaurant and bar. During the summer months there are also activities for the kids during the day and live music at sunset.

What Should We Wear For The Session?

We believe downplaying the clothing helps to produce an heirloom quality portrait. Dress in White and Khaki or stone wash denims for a guaranteed clean, classic look no matter the time of your session. Another option would be pastel colors for early sessions and darker colors such as black or dark brown for late evening session. Be sure, whichever direction you choose, to please stay away from patterns like stripes or polka dots. Solid clothing works the best.

What Should We Do To Prepare For Our Portrait?

There are lots of little things you can do to help make your experience and portrait the very best.

Get haircuts done two weeks in advance of arriving for your vacation.

We understand everyone wants a tan before the portrait is taken but be sure to wear sunscreen. This will help avoid uneven tanning or splotching.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. This helps with skin tone and complexion.

Try to avoid using hair spray. On a windy day sprayed hair tends to clump together rather than flow with the wind. Also keep a hair band or tie nearby; it could be useful in some cases.

Avoid hats and sunglasses.

Avoid wearing clothing that has branding; it dates your portrait.

Avoid lotion before your session. Applying directly before will cause sand to stick to your skin.

What is The Best Time of Day To Be Photographed?

There are two times during the day that lighting is the best. The first is sunrise and during the summer that begins around 6:30AM (if you are coming to us outside of Sea Pines, the gate doesn’t open till 7:00AM). The second is late afternoon. Our evening portrait times begin at 5:30PM. In both cases we are seeking out when the sunlight is at its softest.

How Much Time Should We Plan For Our Portrait Session?

Beach vacation time is precious. We have spent many hours perfecting our process to minimize the impact on your vacation time. Use the guide below to plan your evening.

1-8 individuals – 30 minutes

9-16 individuals – 45 minutes

17-24 individuals – 1 hour

25 individuals or more - 1.5 hours

What is The Best Time to Photograph Young Children?

Typically young children are best photographed with the sunrise session or the early sessions during the evening, say around 6:00PM. This gives you time for naps and feedings before you come to the beach. This will also complete the session before bedtime.

Can We Bring Our Own Camera to Take a Few Photos?

We have a passion for what we do and take great pride in producing the very best portraits available anywhere. To give you the quality you deserve, we need 100% of your attention during your session. For that reason, (and for the protection of your camera from the elements) we ask you leave your personal camera in your vehicle until your session is complete.

Where Do We View the Images?

We are located at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina. Our gallery address is 9 Harbourside Lane, Unit A. Directions to our gallery may be found here.

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